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Norfolk, We Knead Your Help! Vote Handsome Biscuit to Biscuit Glory!

Let's get that W for NFK

Calling all 757 foodies, history buffs, and champions of buttery deliciousness! Our very own Handsome Biscuit has risen to the national stage, and they need our help to win the coveted title of the South’s Best Biscuit!

That's right, folks. Our local legend, known for its flaky layers and mouthwatering goodness, is battling it out against biscuit giants from across the South. Can you imagine the shame if a dry, flavorless imposter takes the crown? The horror!

But fear not, for the power lies within your fingertips (or should we say, taps?). We need every Norfolk citizen to channel their inner patriot and cast their vote for Handsome Biscuit.

Here's the crumb of the matter:

  • The Competition is Heating Up: This isn't your average bake-off. Renowned biscuit makers from all corners of the country are vying for the top spot. But we all know, deep down in our bellies, that Handsome Biscuit reigns supreme.

  • Vote Early, Vote Often: Head over to the contest website and cast your vote for our dough-minator. Every vote counts, and we need a mighty showing from Norfolk to prove that Virginia truly has the best biscuits in the US of A. You can vote once per hour per IP address.

  • More Than Just a Biscuit, It's a Norfolk Thing: A win for Handsome Biscuit isn't just a win for their bakery, it's a win for our entire city! Let's show the nation that Norfolk doesn't just have a rich history, we also have a rich (and delicious) present: fat-stacked sweet potato biscuits.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone, your laptop, your tablet – whatever device lets you access the internet – and get voting! Let's shower Handsome Biscuit with votes and show the world that Norfolk knows its biscuits best!

Spread the Word: Share this post, tag your friends, and let's turn this into a viral campaign for buttery goodness. Together, we can make Handsome Biscuit a household name (and a mouthwatering necessity)!

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