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  • Most Hexcellent! Reaver Beach and Velvet Witch Conjure a Coven with Practically Magic Market  

Most Hexcellent! Reaver Beach and Velvet Witch Conjure a Coven with Practically Magic Market  

Calling all wannabe witches, warlocks, and occult aficionados! Norfolk is about to get a whole lot more magical thanks to Reaver Beach and Velvet Witch. The two have joined forces for the Practically Magic Market coming to the NFK this Saturday. Leave your non-believing friends at home and get ready to embrace your inner witch at this spook-tacular event. 

With live music, killer food trucks, special “beermosas”, and more vendors of the witchy variety than you can shake a broomstick at, this market is sure to put a spell on you. We’re talking crystals, cauldrons, candles – you name it, they’ve conjured it up. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel compelled to sign away your first born or turn your ex into a toad. It must be magic!

The vendors of charms, newts, and magically-made goodies include the likes of Clay Witch, who crafts ceramics with potion-like glazes, Scorpio Witch, who trades in all kinds of crystals, and Yan, the street sorceress, who specializes in metaphysical guidance. All together, over two dozen vexing vendors will be onsite.  

While there may not be real potions flowing at the taproom, Reaver Beach has the next best thing: Beermosas. Their “Amas Veritas” beermosa sounds like it will have us all falling head over heels, with hibiscus infused raspberry juice. While the witches-brew-inspired “Witch, Witch, You’re A Witch!” is sure to stir up double trouble with ginger, pineapple, lemon, and lime. Just don’t drink too many or you might find yourself waking up in the woods wondering what kind of hex has been placed on you! 

The Practically Magic Market promises to be a killer time for any aspiring witch or spiritual seeker looking to connect with their inner power. Just be careful not to attract the attention of any witch hunters while you’re busy stocking up on supplies! So mark your calendars and prep your best witch’s hat – something wicked fun is headed to Norfolk and you won’t want to miss out on the magic.

Here’s the deets you need to know:Saturday, October 7th, 202312:00 pm – 5:00 pm 

Reaver Beach Norfolk 3800 Colley Avenue 

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