Mermaids, Brews, and Beachfront Bliss in Ocean View

Siren City Comes True

Ocean View is set to transform into a vibrant underwater wonderland for the 2nd Annual Mermaid Festival this Saturday, June 22nd. This unique event promises a day brimming with athletic challenges, artistic treasures, and the refreshing taste of local craft beers.

As the sun ascends over the sparkling waters of Ocean View, the beach will come alive with a series of open water swims and runs. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a casual jogger, there's a challenge for everyone. The 1 & 2-mile open water swims will test your endurance, while the 1-mile 4-person relay swim offers a chance for teamwork and friendly competition. If you prefer solid ground, the 5K beach run and the 1-mile family fun run provide scenic routes with breathtaking ocean views.

As the races conclude, the Mermaid Festival will emerge from the depths, transforming the beachfront into a haven for art enthusiasts. Local artisans will showcase their mermaid-inspired creations, from shimmering tail fins to intricate jewelry and captivating artwork. It's a chance to discover unique treasures while supporting the vibrant artistic community of Coastal Virginia.

The highlight of the festival, however, is undoubtedly the craft brew garden. A collaboration between the Coastal Virginia Brew Alliance and local breweries, the garden will offer a tantalizing selection of over 60 locally brewed beers. Whether you prefer crisp lagers, hoppy IPAs, or something more adventurous, there's a brew to satisfy every palate. It's the perfect opportunity to raise a glass to the thriving craft beer scene in Coastal Virginia.

As the afternoon unfolds, live music will fill the air, creating an atmosphere of celebration and joy. DJ KO will spin infectious beats, while the Brandon Bower Band will serenade the crowd with their soulful melodies. So bring your dancing shoes and prepare to groove to the rhythm of the festival.

Beyond the athletics, artistry, and craft brews, the Mermaid Festival is a celebration of community. It's a day for families to bond, for friends to reconnect, and for strangers to forge new connections. It's a day for Ocean View to shine, showcasing its unique blend of coastal charm, artistic flair, and unwavering community spirit.

So don your best mermaid attire, gather your loved ones, and prepare for a day of unforgettable experiences at the Mermaid Festival. It's a celebration you won't want to miss. Dive into the magic of Ocean View on June 22nd!

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