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Landmark Rising in Five Points Park: A Grass Dome Illuminates Norfolk

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This July, Five Points Park will welcome a striking new addition to its landscape: Grass Dome, a 22-foot illuminated sculpture designed to serve as a beacon of creativity and community gathering. This immersive artwork, conceived by Engineered Artworks, will transform the park's southeast entrance into a captivating gateway.

Inspired by Nature and Urban Form
Grass Dome, true to its name, draws inspiration from the natural world and the unique urban environment of Five Points. Its design echoes the shape and hue of local grasses, while also mirroring the nearby circular intersection. The sculpture's open canopy, formed by simulated grass blades, will arch over the pathway, inviting visitors to step inside and experience a moment of quiet contemplation.

At night, the sculpture's highly polished interior blades will reflect the surrounding lights, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. Strategic lighting will ensure the Grass Dome remains visible from the street, adding a touch of magic to the neighborhood after dark.

A Visionary Collaboration
The Grass Dome project is the result of a collaboration between the Five Points Park Planning Committee and Engineered Artworks, a renowned team of artists, designers, fabricators, and engineers specializing in large-scale public art installations. Led by founder Sean Orlando, Engineered Artworks has a proven track record of bringing innovative and engaging art to life.

A Symbol of Community and Creativity
Grass Dome is more than just a sculpture; it's a symbol of the community's commitment to revitalizing Five Points Park and creating a vibrant public space. The artwork is poised to become a beloved landmark, a place where residents and visitors can gather, connect, and find inspiration in the heart of Norfolk.

As the Grass Dome takes its place in Five Points Park, it will undoubtedly spark conversations, ignite imaginations, and add a touch of wonder to the everyday. Don't miss the opportunity to experience this unique artwork and discover the beauty that emerges when art and nature intersect.

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