Doodle Into Your Dark Side at CAN's Doodlefest

May 31 at Assembly

Mark your calendars for May 31st, because Assembly, Doodlefest, and The CAN Foundation are teaming up to transform your Friday night into a doodler's paradise. From 1 PM to 9 PM, the "Night of Living the Doodle" event promises an explosion of creativity, live music, and a group art exhibition that will leave you inspired.

A Doodle-Filled Afternoon and Evening

Doodle stations will be scattered throughout the Living Room and Mezzanine, overflowing with Posca pens, chalk markers, Sharpies, and a giant mural on the windows to unleash your artistic flair. Local artists Rick Nickel and Chris Revels will be on hand to guide your creative explorations.

As the sun sets, the festivities ramp up with a series of workshops designed to take your doodling skills to the next level. Learn the art of pink eraser stamp printmaking, explore large-scale doodling, discover the therapeutic power of neurographic doodles, or craft your very own doodle-zine. With workshops led by talented artists and creatives, you're sure to find inspiration and learn new techniques.

The full workshop lineup is:

- Pink Eraser Stamp Printmaking w/ studioSHIFT @ 4 PM - Make your own pink eraser stamp art! Inspired by Serena Rios McRae’s Pink Eraser Art Community (@pinkeraserart), we will first doodle a design on paper, transfer it to a Pink Pearl eraser and then carve that design into the eraser with linocut tools. Once the eraser is carved with the design, we will roll ink over it and make a small block print!

- Large Scale Doodling w/ Nick Danzi @ 5 PM - Discover the mystery of how big can a doodle become with group doodling!

- Neurographic Doodles w/ JuliMCK @ 5 PM - The hand and brain are connected and in tandem, or we would not be able to pick up or touch what is in front of us. Neurographics uses that connection to loosen and redirect the habitual thought patterns that create fear and confusion. Learn more about this creative drawing process which can help to reduce stress, transform subconscious beliefs, and create an overall sense of well-being.

- Doodle-Zine Making Workshop w/ Richard Justice @ 6 PM - Trust us, this will be way more fun than staring at a blank page wondering what to draw next! In this workshop, you’ll learn the secrets of the mighty doodle-zine (think mini-magazine, but way cooler because you make it) unleash your inner artist, craft a masterpiece, and mingle with other doodle enthusiasts! No experience required just bring your imagination and we’ll supply all of the materials.

More Than Doodles

While you're doodling your heart out, enjoy live music from local artists, browse the art for sale, and grab a drink or a Doodlefest t-shirt. Cret Wilson performs 6 - 8 PM and the “Sonic Doodles” aka Sounds Bowls by Lila perform 8-9pm.

The event coincides with the opening reception of "Assemble," a group art exhibition showcasing the work of Wade Mickley, Sam Hundley, and Karen Freidt, curated by The CAN Foundation. This is a prime opportunity to immerse yourself in the local art scene and discover new talent.

How to Get in on the Action

The event is free for tenants and members of Assembly. For non-members, a $5 fee grants you all-day access to the doodle stations and workshops. Sign up for the workshops the week of the event by RSVPing on the Assembly website.

Whether you're a seasoned doodler or a curious newbie, "Night of Living the Doodle" promises an inspiring evening of creativity, community, and art. Don't miss out on this unique community art event.

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