Discover Transit With HRT And Traffix This Fall

Public transportation is having a moment. Across the country, people are increasingly ditching their cars in favor of buses, trains, and other shared transit options. The reasons are manifold: reducing environmental impact, saving money, avoiding traffic headaches. Not to mention, reading or relaxing during your commute rather than white-knuckling it behind the wheel.

Hampton Roads, Virginia is leaning into this trend as they celebrate Discover Transit Month. The goal of this fall initiative from Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) and its TRAFFIX Commuter Options program is getting locals to explore and embrace public transportation throughout the 757 region.

So why should someone hop on board the transit bandwagon?

It saves money. From gas to insurance to parking and maintenance, the cost of car ownership really adds up. Riding public transit is an affordable alternative, and HRT is offering discounts at local businesses for riders as an extra incentive through the TRAFFIX app.

It reduces stress. Letting someone else handle the driving leaves you free to work, read, or just chill. No more road rage or hunting for parking spots.

It benefits the environment. According to the American Public Transportation Association, a single commuter switching their 20-mile round trip commute to public transit can reduce their carbon emissions by 4,800 pounds per year. When you multiply those individual choices across a metro area, the impact is huge.

It connects people. Striking up conversations and relationships with fellow riders expands social circles. Public transit fosters community.

It provides accessibility. Not everyone can drive due to age, income, or ability. Public transportation gives freedom and options to people who might otherwise be isolated.

This Discover Transit Month, HRT is highlighting three options to fit every commuter’s needs:

757 Express: Speedy bus routes connect you to major hubs around Hampton Roads.

Park and Ride: Leave your car at free lots and use light rail, ferry, or bus to reach your destination.

Vanpools: Share rides and costs with a group of up to 15 people in an HRT van.

So give transit a try. With HRT’s help, this fall is the perfect time to kick the car habit to the curb and explore where public transportation takes you instead. The perks for you and the community just might surprise you.

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