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  • 030: Yes In My Back Yard – Fighting For Affordable Housing in the 757

030: Yes In My Back Yard – Fighting For Affordable Housing in the 757

Welcome to another edition of the Norfolk Currents podcast! We have an exciting episode to share with you today, titled “Yes In My Back Yard – Fighting For Affordable Housing in the 757.” In this episode, our host, Paul Rice, sits down with guest Gillian Pressman to discuss the critical issue of affordable housing in the Hampton Roads area.

Gillian Pressman emphasizes the need for laws to change, allowing for accessory dwelling units (ADUs), which can help combat the housing crisis. They shed light on the YIMBY movement, a collective effort to advocate for abundant housing and policies that support it. Gillian stresses the importance of building bridges and finding common ground within the diverse range of individuals involved in the movement, including those with differing political beliefs.

During the episode, Gillian shares their journey from working in nonprofit organizations in the education sector to addressing the root cause of social issues through housing advocacy. They explain the significance of affordability in housing projects, how developers can receive incentives, and the importance of permit streamlining to ensure a fair and reasonable process.

The conversation also touches on challenges such as excessive community meetings hindering progress, parking requirements that drive up costs, and the need for land use changes to address climate change and reduce commuting.

In this episode, Gillian introduces the organization they represent, which has recently made endorsements in state legislature races. They highlight the importance of creating a policy landscape that prevents displacement and offers opportunities for building more dense and abundant housing within communities.

Gillian passionately discusses the inequality and rising housing prices in Hampton Roads, as well as the impact it has on growth, opportunity, poverty, and homelessness. They emphasize the need for YIMBY chapters, such as YIMBYs of Nova and RVA YIMBY, to learn from one another and work towards reform.

We encourage you to listen to this thought-provoking episode and gain insights into the vital topic of affordable housing in the 757 area. Let’s join the conversation, understand the challenges, and explore potential solutions.

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